Backed by $ESTAR

Because we want to give our players the chance to swap between games easily, also we don't like the idea of having illiquid assets, we came up with the idea of having almost all the NFT/SFT from the ecosystem backed by our token $ESTAR.

The initial supply for the Backed by $ESTAR system is 20 M $ESTAR which will be locked in a smart contract, and people will have access at any given time to swap their NFT/SFTs for $ESTAR.

This amount is set to increase as follows: - 5% of the daily token emission. - 30% of the sink.

Each SFT/NFT has an individual score. Applying the following formula will determine how much ESTAR you can get for your item.

BBE Value = Total Score (All the collection in the ecosystem) / BBE Pool (initial 20M) * Individual Score

BBE System - Initial Score Distribution

With every new NFT/SFT created, more $ESTAR will be locked. This is an initial snapshot.

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