Fight for Domination


The concept behind xArena is simple; your NFT is fighting another one.

There is a lot of randomness in the fights to assure everyone that they are fighting the same before the battle starts; there is a random roll between the player's first attack, and after that, in each round, there is a random dmg attack between 20-80 the player that goes first to 0 is losing.

90% of the betting pool goes to the winner.


In the HUB, you can see the currently fighting collections. You can add any NFT collection you want in the HUB by paying a fee of 250k $ESTAR that will be burned or 10 $EGLD. This amount can be subject to changes.

You can choose your opponent by paying the fee, and it can be any collection from the MultiversX ecosystem.

The Dominance

Every first of the month, the Dominance will be reset, and 5% of the amount bet between the two collections will be sent to the holders of that Collection.

Contact us at contact@estar.games or on our social channels.

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