Tokenized resources, $ESTAR, $EGLD, $OURO, reward system and Prestige Points.

Tokenized Resources

Food / Wood / Iron / Stone / Beer / WarGear / Gold(ex-ECCU)

There are multiple ways to gain these resources: missions, raids, control over outposts, or staking buildings in your Castle.

You can also spend these resources on upgrades, recruiting, and crafting.


You gain a fixed number of resources by staking buildings in your castle. Each building produces a specific resource.


You can send Characters on missions, and they return with a certain number of resources based on the mission's complexity. The resources that can be claimed from the mission are beer, food, iron, stone, wood, and wargear.


Whenever a new raid is spawned, you can attack it with your Characters. The percentage of damage you have done is equal to your reward split. The reward is automatically distributed when the raid is killed.


Each outpost is assigned a specific resource reward. Based on the outpost level, this production increases.

Premium Tokens

$ESTAR / $EGLD / $OURO / Credit Card payments

The availability of 'premium' tokens aligns with our long-term vision. It targets a specific audience, offering them participation opportunities and encouraging the adoption of our native token within the blockchain.


It will be used for special sales of the in-game Characters, specifically the Generals.


It will be used for special sales of the in-game Characters, specifically the Generals.

Credit Card payments

It will be used for special packs that give the user a starting point; it can be a “resources pack” or “starting army or worker.”


It is the core premium payment system in the xCastle game; you can craft, recruit, and pay upgrades to the outposts.

Prestige Points

Rewarding System and Experience

The prestige is a core nonchain mechanic that will keep track of the actions performed by a player in the xCastle game. At the end of each season, these prestige points are transformed into experience.

How do you earn the points?

There are multiple ways to earn Prestige Points:

Each time you gain control over an outpost, you earn a certain number of Prestige Points (PP) based on its level.

Based on a raid contribution, top contributors of the damage get a certain amount of PP.

Based on the number of outposts controlled and the individual levels at the end of the season

Based on the outpost's wave resistance, at the end of the season, multiple waves will attack all the outposts around the map. Better defense on these outposts results in better PP rewards.

Guild control over the Relic Tower results in ongoing rewards during the season.

How is the $ESTAR reward distributed?

The formula is quite simple:

Player Reward = ($ESTAR Season Distribution / Total Prestige Points) * Player Prestige Points

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