Attributes and Role

The Castle is the home of your buildings and characters and the beginning of your journey; Other players cannot attack it. You can move and conquer outposts in the range of 5 squares from your castle or outposts. The Castle is where your army, workers, and generals retreat after a defeated battle in an outpost.

Staking system and buildings.

The staking system is one of the primary sources of income. Each building represents a specific resource production; each day, you can come and collect the production amount from your Castle. It is easy to understand that you stake your building and produce a daily fixed income using specific tokenized resources.

There are multiple types of buildings :

Legacy: These are old buildings with a strictly fixed supply. No upgrade is available for this category. You can see them like skins for specific buildings.

Seasons: New buildings can be crafted using the resources and upgraded with blueprints. Each building has a capped supply of 5000. When a specific common building hits that mark, that building will be discontinued.

Building Upgrades & Craft

You can buy or craft with resources and upgrade your building with blueprints or resources + $ESTAR token. The amount of resources needed to craft a specific item can vary monthly based on the pair price with $ESTAR for that particular resource.


The distribution of the blueprints happens via Chest each season, and a total of 300 blueprints can be found there.

Special deals for guilds can be another method to obtain Blueprints.

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