Conquer and increase your power.

The outpost is central to collecting resources, expansion, control, and prestige rewards. You gain control over an outpost only for a season; at the end of each season, the game resets, and everyone starts with just the Castle.

To conquer an Outpost, you need to deploy a minimum of 2 Characters to that specific outpost if it is not owned by someone else or destroy the enemy army.

Resource production

Each outpost produces a specific resource; with every upgrade, it can be wood, food, iron, beer, stone, or wargear. The upgrade can be made by paying a specific amount for each resource level or $ESTAR.


Because you can send your troops at a maximum of 5 square lengths, controlling specific outposts is crucial to reaching objectives or fighting particular enemies.


You can send troops to your outposts, which are the leading layer of defense in case of enemies' attacks; the troops lost during a fight respawn in your Castle. Losing control over an outpost came with a level decrease of that specific outpost. For example, if a level 3 outpost is attacked and the enemy gains power, he will receive a level 2 outpost.

Prestige rewards

You are rewarded with prestige points based on the number of outposts you control at the end of a season.

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