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Angry Penguins Colony

Embark on an exhilarating on-chain journey!
Step into a captivating universe of colorfully customizable NFT Penguins, each boasting distinct abilities. Whether you're trading, collecting, or using them to represent your distinctive identity, the fun is just beginning. In this world, every Penguin has a unique story to share!

The Gran PLAN

The Gang is here, and our priority is to ensure the success of this collection.
So, what's the strategy?
These moguls are set to launch mobile games and merchandise and explore other revenue streams under the Angry Penguins Umbrella. They will provide fun and entertaining games that aren't directly related to blockchain.
Instead, the primary focus will be on climate change, raising awareness about global issues.
  • Leaderboard
    You will soon be able to stake your NFT and accumulate ICE Power.
  • Lootbox
    We're creating 50 new items to enhance and provide further personalization options.
  • Expedition
    We've partnered with XP.Network to bridge the Penguins on MultiChain.
    This will give us greater exposure and reach a larger audience.
  • Revenue Split
    We plan to distribute 20% of all revenue generated by the Angry Penguins brand among the leaderboard, based on your power score.

The Leaderboard

Ascend the frosty heights of the Angry Penguins Leaderboard, a platform where your Penguin's unique combinations of items and equipment translate into raw Ice Power!
Our Leaderboard system ranks Penguins based on their Ice Power, calculated through their items. Every item, from the smallest pebble to the most potent Ice Scepter, increases your Penguin's power. The rarer the item, the greater the Ice Power.
However, the Leaderboard isn't solely about flaunting your Ice Power. It's about strategy, foresight, and the exhilaration of competition. Decide which items to outfit your Penguin, juggling different item combinations while keeping a keen eye on the constantly evolving rankings.
Beyond the regular distribution of $ESTAR rewards for top-ranked Penguins, we offer another thrilling incentive - a stake in the brand's triumph! According to their ranking score, we distribute 20% of the revenue generated by the Angry Penguins brand to Penguins on the Leaderboard. Now, each item boosting your Ice Power confers bragging rights and offers a chance to benefit directly from Angry Penguins' burgeoning popularity.
So, prepare to equip, strategize, and ascend to the pinnacle in the frosty world of the Angry Penguins Leaderboard. Success has never been this chilling!
Leaderboard - Ice Power confers bragging rights


We're excited to introduce an exhilarating new method to augment your Penguin's arsenal - Lootboxes! Bid farewell to individual item launches and immerse yourself in the thrilling realm of random drops. Each Lootbox you open offers an element of surprise and a potential Ice Power boost.
For a fixed amount of $ESTAR, you can purchase a Lootbox. Unveiling a Lootbox provides you with a random item of varying rarity. The anticipation of the unknown makes each Lootbox unveiling an exciting event! Will you discover a common pebble or an ultra-rare Ice Scepter that dramatically increases your Ice Power?
Remember, it's not solely about the rarity. Each item, irrespective of its rarity, contributes to your Ice Power, pushing you closer to the summit of the Angry Penguins Leaderboard.
Embrace unpredictability with our Lootbox system and transform each addition to your item collection into a fun, suspense-packed event! Because in the world of Angry Penguins, every item matters, and each surprise propels you closer to icy triumph!


We're delighted to reveal an innovative partnership with XP.Network! This strategic alliance ensures our Angry Penguins are Multichain-ready, granting us broader exposure and a swiftly growing audience across various blockchains.
Our Penguins now have the opportunity to undertake thrilling journeys across distinct chains, revealing many possibilities. As a collector, this enables you to connect with communities and markets that were previously unreachable.
But this initiative isn't just about expanding our scope; it's also about rewarding the adventure! Should you choose to re-bridge your Penguin NFT to the MultiversX chain, a special reward is in store. We value and celebrate our community members who actively bolster and diversify the MultiversX ecosystem.
With XP.Network, we're breaking down walls, creating new avenues, and broadening our community reach.

Revenue Split

We're thrilled to introduce our inventive revenue-sharing model for Angry Penguins. Under this new scheme, 30% of all revenue generated by the brand will be shared among players ranked on the leaderboard.
Here's the breakdown: Your revenue share directly corresponds to your ice power score. The higher your score, the bigger your slice of the revenue pie.
Our mission is to foster an engaging and rewarding platform for our users. By sharing our success directly, we aim to provide an additional incentive for you to enhance your gameplay and ascend the ranks.
Play, thrive, and profit with Angry Penguins!