$ESTAR Tokenomics

• One of the core values of the $ESTAR is that it will be used around multiple games. So with a fixed supply in place and our games becoming increasingly popular, you can see the value of $ESTAR increasing over time.

60% distributed via gameplay gives you insight into how we are working to create something amazing, and you can be part of this just by playing our games.

The initial supply is 100.000.000, with the maximum supply set at 250.000.000 $ESTAR tokens, which will be distributed according to this schema.

The maximum Supply is Set at 250 million Tokens, and the daily emission will have a growth factor of 7500. Considering a starting supply of 100 million, the daily emission will start at 20.000 ESTAR per day.

Therefore, the daily supply is the difference between Maximum Supply and Current Supply, divided by 7500. This ensures perpetual Token emission.

Supply will become:

At 10 years, supply will be at 63.12% from the ceiling.

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