Football manager

There is a lot to do for this project, and still many variables that need to be defined, but we want to show you some images and give you an overview of the project.

League system

To balance and allow as many players as possible to join the EGoal, we have created a fixed amount of Squads, allowing everyone to advance in the Server they are assigned.

A total of 496 Squads are assigned to a Server. Each server plays individually, and people can request a transfer to another server, but they will start from League4 and need to find their way to the top again.

The last 4-6 squads from the League 4 are subject to moving around and balancing server capacity.

Top Squads from Champions will be invited to a Server Tournament with big prizes after each season.

Players NFT and NON NFT

There are mainly two categories of players. Because we want to allow everyone to play the EGoal game, you will get 11 free non-nft players in your team right from the beginning with the possibility to upgrade it to NFT status, which you feel attached to.

Each Player has the following stats:

  • Goalkeeping

  • Defending

  • Passing

  • Dribbling

  • Shot

  • Head ball

  • Form

  • Speed

  • Cleverness

  • Team player

  • Endurance

  • Vulnerability

  • Fatigue

Formation Skill:

  • 4-3-3

  • 4-4-2

  • 4-5-1

  • 3-5-2

  • 4-2-3-1

Based on the stats and skill, your Player is getting an OS(overall score) that for the NON-NFT max score is 75, and for NFT is 100

Scouting system

When you scout a player, you get a random attribute player for a huge database. This is just a non-nft player you can sign for a few seasons. After that time, you will need to renew his contract, or you can sign a for-life contract that means that this player will be upgraded to an NFT and will remain for your team forever.

Player Aging

After each season, players age, and their attributes increase or decrease based on their performance. The NFT players have a unique condition when they are about to retire. You will have the option to claim an OS point that will be added to your overall attributes. This means that if your player had in the beginning OS 87 after retirement is going to start again from OS 88. The retirement is just for non-nft players and will not happen to NFT. They will reset the stats to be the same as when they signed the contract, and they can be played again.


There will be an internal marketplace for the NON-NFT players with the $ESTAR token at its core.

A 5% fee is tied to this transaction. We will start with a fixed price system for the players and later create an auction.


  • Stadium

    Based on his size, you can get more spectators to your matches; more supporters mean better morale for your team.

  • Catering

    These supporters must be fed to keep them around and feel happy in the stadium.

  • Parking lot

    Need to be upgraded to accommodate more supporters.

  • Youth Academy You scout more younger players.

  • Training Center Decrease the amount of fatigue accumulated during the training session.


For a fixed tax, you will be able to create tournaments a custom tournament. This can be with a password of a free to join; the tournament manager can kick or invite squads and set an entry fee.

EGoal Alpha Mint Pass

The are 54 squads that will join the first wave and be the backbone of testing all the systems, from game mechanics to server aspects, downgrade and promotion, and so on.

Each Alpha Mint Pass grants you 16 NFT players; with the beta release, you will be granted a full 100 stats to them.

The stats will be liquid for all players during the alpha phase, and the main goal is testing and testing.

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