Be ready

We strongly believe that building something together also means revenue for everyone involved. We are passionate about blockchain and what level of transparency this can offer.

Building a robust structure for the EARN system is an excellent foundation for a long-term project that will be auto-sustainable and add value to everyone involved.

No matter what role you assume, we firmly believe that your contribution to the project's success should be rewarded.

Play to earn

$ESTAR is distributed every 28 days (Season) to all the games in the ecosystem based on the number of active players. An active player is a wallet/user with at least five interactions during a season.

• Each game will have a play-to-earn system that allows you to earn $ESTAR via gameplay. The distribution will be based on the number of players and can be decided via community voting. More $ESTAR you have in your Stake, the more voting power you have.

ESTAR Benefactors

  • 3% of the daily emission will be redirected to Community owned SFT.

  • 5% of the sink distribution will be redirected to Community owned SFT.

  • You became part of the ESTAR GAMES business's founders and secured a revenue stream in $ESTAR distributed daily.

Liquidity Farming

  • By contributing to the LP of the vEGLD-ESTAR and OURO-ESTAR, you are automatically eligible for 10% of the daily token emission.

  • Also, 5% of the sink distribution goes to the liquidity providers increasing the reward pool.


  • You can stake the $ESTAR in the vault and be eligible for a 10% daily token emission distribution and 5% of the sink distribution.

Chimeric Vault

  • Stake Vesta / Sleeping Vesta / Frozen Vesta in the vault makes you eligible to earn ESTAR Token, 5% of the daily emission.

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