Workers, army and generals

The characters are categorized into three main categories, each with attributes and abilities. The characters can be upgraded and are also rarity-based. These categories are workers, army, and generals. You can recruit only workers and the army; the generals will be up for sale at a specific price tag.


They can be used to carry out missions and produce outpost bonuses. They have a very important role in missions because they are the ones who haul the resources back to your Castle. In the outpost bonus, you need to send a specific worker to bonus the production of an outpost. For example, if your outpost produces beer, your production will increase by 1% for each innkeeper you send to that outpost. The workers also have no attack and defense abilities.


They can be used in raids, missions, outposts, attacks, and defense. You can send in missions and raids only troops you hold in your Castle. Each army SFT has specific attributes and can be upgraded to the next rarity tier by a factor of 4; 4 common SFTs = one rare SFT, and so one for Epic and Legendary.


Other than the attack and defense, they are a particular category of characters with multiplier effects of these attributes.

A maximum of 1 General can be sent for the outpost; this limit doesn't apply to raids. The number of generals is minimal, and they will be on sale for a limited time; after the sale, this specific general will no longer be available, and the maximum supply will cemented then.

Branded Generals will be issued specials in collaboration with Guilds. The top three players of a season get a unique General that mentions the player's position and the season.

The generals also have basic attack and defense power, but only the multiplier factor, class, and elements are displayed.


There are different classes, from ranger to summoner.


Elements play an essential role in raid attacks because if you have a general with the same attributes, it gains bonus attack power against that raid.

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