Horse racing game

The first game from our ecosystem will be EQUISTAR, a horse racing game with unique features.

Unleash your strategic side in EquiStar - a free-to-play, immersive horse racing game where you manage, and race your unique NFT horses.

Navigate through dynamic stamina and racing systems, win points, earn $ESTAR tokens, and ascend the league ladder.

EquiStar combines the thrill of competition with the potential for real-world rewards. Jump into the race today and make every stride count!

Horse Collections

Free to play: - You can claim 3 free to-play horses. - Dynamics stats. - Max stamina 50. - Can't be played in tournaments.

OG Horses: - 20% royalty rewards from the breed of every Season horse. - Legendary horse max attributes 25 points. - Staking/renting grants a minimum reward. - Decreasing supply with different buyback and burn mechanisms. - Current supply: 4992

Season Horses: - Better overall attributes for common, rare, ultra-rare, and epic. - Legendary horse max attributes 23 points. - Renting system


Stable: - Increase the maximum amount of total stamina your horse can accumulate. - Your account starts with 100 stamina and can be increased to 250. - Stamina regenerates 25% of your maximum amount every 6 hours.

Farm: - You earn OAT (in-game item) daily based on your level. - You can use the OAT to increase your stamina for a specific horse.

Veterinary: - This grant you the chance to use less or no stamina in a race


Racing: - Every race, you consume 25 stamina. - The race automatically starts when 8 Horses enter. - You will be rewarded Points and Shards based on your finish rank. - There are three types of tracks each one bonus a specific attribute. The track is randomly selected before the race start. - Down below you can find the Score Calculation formula for the Horse performance:

async function bonus(bonus, horse) {
  let score = 0;
  if (bonus == 'SPEED') {
    score =
      12 * (horse.speed / 100 + 2) +
      10 * (horse.endurance / 100 + 2) +
      10 * (horse.agility / 100 + 2) +
      (Math.floor(Math.random() * horse.luck) + 1);
  if (bonus == 'AGILITY') {
    score =
      10 * (horse.speed / 100 + 2) +
      10 * (horse.endurance / 100 + 2) +
      12 * (horse.agility / 100 + 2) +
      (Math.floor(Math.random() * horse.luck) + 1);
  if (bonus == 'ENDURANCE') {
    score =
      10 * (horse.speed / 100 + 2) +
      12 * (horse.endurance / 100 + 2) +
      10 * (horse.agility / 100 + 2) +
      (Math.floor(Math.random() * horse.luck) + 1);
  return score;

Rewards: - First place: 3 Points and 30 Shards - Second place: 2 Points and 20 Shards - Third place: 1 Point and 20 Shards - Fourth place: 20 Shards - Fifth place: 10 Shards

Tournaments: - Every day we have a tournament with a big $ prize pool. - Each tournament has specific rules to grant more people a fair chance to win.

League system: - Based on your number of points, you automatically qualify in a Tier. - Every tier has a specific number of players and 20% of the reward pool assigned to them. - If the number of players doesn't complete all the tiers the percentage adjusts according to that number.

Jockey: - Your jockey is a unique NFT you can buy or unlock for free when you reach a level 5 account. - On this NFT, you will equip the SFTs items you can drop from the loot box. - You can have multiple jockeys NFT, but only one equipped in your profile will be considered. - Your jockey gives a bonus score based on the items equipped. - This score will be added to the final formula that decides the winner of a race. - An action live interaction system during the race is also considered (TBD).


  • Renter: - You start with a fixed score of 5 that grants you access to up to 5 Horses to rent for free - Every day, you finish the stamina of all the horses rented. This score increase by one and decreases by one if you Don't complete at least two races with every horse rented. - When the stamina is under 25 points, you can re-energize it with OAT, allowing you to continue using that horse. - Each OAT spent on a rented horse allows you to use it for another round only if the owner doesn't recall the horse. - A round is equal to 6 hours.

  • Owner: - You earn between 30% and 70% of the revenues based on your Horse NFT rarity and 1 point if his place in the top 3, every race. - When you stake the horse in the renting system, there is a 6 hours delay before claiming it back.

Horse Stats

Your Horse is the main character in our story, and we want you to feel like it is part of your journey.

  • Horse Information: - Metadata info: Edurance | Speed | Agility | Luck | Stars - Database info: Experience | Level | RTP(Ridding Training Points) | Status

  • Ridding Training Points system: - Your horse gains 1 RTP every 50 races - This RTP is tide to your horse and can’t be transferable

  • Horse Stars: - You need to level up your stars to improve the horse attributes. - Every star level costs you more RTP points and Ridding tickets (you gain it from random milestones or can be bought in the marketplace). - Every star level your horse gains a random attribute. - You can reroll the results using shards or ESTAR.

  • Training session: - Your horse will be deployed in a smart contract for up to 12h, and you can claim it when the time has passed. - The smart contract will update the NFT metadata on the blockchain. - You can train only NFTs, not free-to-play horses.


Every season has its champions, and each rarity gets one that is the horse with the best performance. These Champs will be granted the opportunity to breed for their rarity.

  • Champions: - Every League Season, a champion for each rarity will be selected to breed the new Season NFTs. - This Champion is selected based on the number of races won during that season. - 10% of the money collected from the breeding auction will be distributed directly to the Champions Owner.

  • Breed: - After each Season, the OG owners will vote on the number of new Breeds they want to release in the market. - The auction will last three days, first come, first served, fixed price for Common / Rare / Ultra Rare and auction for Epic and Legendary Breeds only $ESTAR used. - The attributes of the new Breed Horse will reflect the parent’s information. - Any kind of combination is possible (Common with Legendary Champion resulting in a very, very low % chance of getting a legendary Horse).


Right now the game is just an MVP with a dedicated team working on developing features daily. The Team behind is formed by Edi Marian (backend developer) / Stefana Farcasu (frontend developer) / Butco Constantin (graphic designer).


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