Project Introduction

v2.0.2 - Update 21.08.2023
ESTAR ECOSYSTEM whitepaper has been published and issued by ESTAR GAMES Team, and it is worth mentioning that the ESTAR is a community-driven project and can evolve. It serves as a helpful reference and accurate representation of the ESTAR Team vision but can be subject to change based on the community inputs and not only. The whitepaper describes the ESTAR Ecosystem and how users earn and use the $ESTAR Token.

Estar.Games Introduction

The gaming industry keeps getting bigger and better, and with the new trend, the Play to Earn system, players can now earn from the gameplay and time spent in the game they love. In addition, with its true ownership, the blockchain guarantees that the time and money spent can't be blocked by a Corporation that bans your account.
The blockchain offers the best environment to develop entire ecosystems that have at its center the players and give you the tools to create entire worlds that will be immortals, and as much the players enjoy and keep coming back to it.
• We are in a very early stage in the blockchain game industry, trying to create an environment where the community contributes to the best outcomes. It will be essential to the industry's success in the race to get more and more market share from the big gaming companies. The goal is to convert them and give the player true ownership and free choice of what they want to do with the items gained during the gameplay.
• With the rise of blockchain structure, a better tomorrow for everyone is just a matter of time.